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The Architects Advisory Service NSW® is a voluntary association whose objective is to promote the value of architects services throughout NSW. It is dedicated to the advancement of the professional capabilities of its membership.

Membership is exclusively limited to architects whose names appear in the register of architects maintained by the NSW Architects Registration Board.

Key activities of members include:

  • Business development for architect practices.
  • Promotional activities that engage architects in contracts with clients.
  • Professional mentoring network for candidates of registration with the Board.
  • Peer review, technical support, education and training for practicing architects.
  • Fellowship and social activities for members and their guests.
  • Liaising with other professional bodies in areas of mutual interest.

2016 committee is:


Gary Finn president@architects.asn.au

Public Officer

Gary Finn public-officer@architects.asn.au


Richard Salman treasurer@architects.asn.au


Leonard Martin secretary@architects.asn.au

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