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Enter to win photo contest

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We work from our understanding of the world. We also want to see the world through your eyes. For our 2016 Photo Contest, we’d like to know: what does the place called ‘home’ mean to you?

Is it tucked away in the city? Is it near the beach or located in a hidden valley surrounded by pristine bushland? Are there people, animals, or perhaps it’s the tiniest of details that contribute to make a sense of home for you? How do you want to live? What emotions are evoked when you arrive at home? Capture those vibrant emotions in a picture and express what ‘home’ means to you! Let us understand what it is to be at your place and assist you to realise your vision of home.

Competition closes 04 January 2017 at 6pm and is open to residents of NSW. Members of the Architects Advisory Service NSW may upload photos for fun, but their entries will not be considered for awards or recognition.


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