Rooftop Gardens are made compulsory for developments in Burwood NSW

View from domestic rooftop pool in Hurstville NSW

There is a substantial benefit in providing further recreational spaces on a residential roof top. Some of the issues to overcome are for example:

  • visual privacy involves not just the ability to overlook your neighbour’s back yard or private windows, but also the sense of overlooking. That feeling like someone is watching you can be detrimental to your enjoyment of your private recreation areas.
  • aural privacy is a real problem. Get a half dozen of your closest friends on your rooftop enjoying themselves until 3am and your neighbours are unlikely to be happy about it, no matter how much fun you’ve been having up there. Noise travels far in the quiet of night.
  • artificial lighting flooding across your boundary and through your neighbour’s bedroom windows can become an issue of dispute.

An experienced architect appreciates all of the issues that can arise in the process of obtaining development consent and has the imagination and foresight to develop strategies that solve these questions during the design process. If you want that rooftop pool on your dwelling to catch all the sunlight, then an experienced architect will have seen it done and will recognise all of the traps before you’re dream is ensnared in red tape.

If you want to talk about your renovations, see the Architects Advisory Service NSW, which is fast becoming the go-to place to find the right architect for your project.


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