Your Architect is NDIS ready



Registered Architects are trained to procure your built environment from inception to post occupancy. The NDIS provides an outstanding opportunity for self determination and empowerment. Participants can control their own environment in a way that is peculiar to their needs and the needs of their families. However, there is nothing new for an architect, in assisting people to adapt their built environment, their homes, to suit the peculiarities of a family, or indeed, a group of co-habitants residing in the same community. Large or small, we are trained to tackle all of the challenges presented to us.

The first step

The NDIS provides for participants to engage approved service providers for home modification, so, what’s the first step? Should you engage a builder? Your OT? As architects, we would say engage us now, to assist you to prepare a plan of attack. I would call this a feasibility study. As a mind map, it probably looks something like this, no matter how large or small your project is:


PDF: NDIS Home Modifications

The complexity of the first step is obvious, but Architects are used to planning within large complicated organisational, accountable processes where probity is essential, the design for a hospital for instance, as well as less complicated plans, like your bathroom modifications for instance. With training we take large complicated concepts and reduce them to small manageable bite sized chunks. The Construction process is that kind of process. You could ask an expert to assist you to set out your plan for your home modifications, incorporating all of the niggling little details you might have otherwise overlooked until you are faced with it, left with it, annoying you every time it reminds you that you could have done it right, if only you had the foresight.

The architects advisory service is putting together a team of architects suitable for the NDIS projects. It involves a peer review design strategy, so that you get the best out of your NDIS.

Gary Finn – Architect 5774 (NSW)

Sydney Access Consultants is an approved NDIS provider.







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