Australia’s architecture sector

Architects are skilled professionals at the centre of Australia’s built environment industry, a $100 billion sector employing over a million people. The built environment industry is significant for both its size and for the critical national role played by the provision of dwellings, commercial spaces, public buildings and infrastructure.

Architects work with building contractors, engineers, lawyers, accountants, tradespeople, plant operators, drivers and many other occupations to deliver finished building projects to clients. In addition to their core design function, the architect traditionally plays a ‘trusted advisor’ role with clients that can cover the whole of a project lifecycle from feasibility to post-commissioning work.

To lawfully call yourself an architect and/or offer architectural services to the public you must be registered.

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Architects vs Project Managers

Architecture takes a long time to learn. Designing and organising the construction of buildings is a complex process. As most architects will know even the smallest renovation can involve juggling a complex scenario of client brief, planning and building regulations, site conditions, sustainability issues, construction detailing and logistics, contractor and subcontractor capabilities and of course design itself. This is a much wider range of design and construction knowledge than many project managers are either trained in or know about.

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Architects vs. Project Managers: Rising up against the alien overlords known as Project Managers.

Architects: Double your hourly rate. Now.

A lower rate does not attract MORE clients. A lower rate attracts DIFFERENT clients.

In the eye of the client, your “hourly rate” is a direct representation of your value. Here is how a client thinks:

“Architect A is twice as expensive as Architect B (per hour)? 

OK, then Architect A is probably as double as good as Architect B. His work is probably better, he works faster and more to the point. He must have more experience that justifies this higher rate. Architect B is probably not that good. He is ‘cheap’, so his quality must be cheap as well.”


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small projects :: documents — think | architect

Q: How do documents (drawings, specifications, presentation images) work for a small project? This is part of an ongoing discussion about work in a small office and with small projects. I can’t say I’m answering for anyone other than my own firm. However, I hope to engage more than architects along the way today. If […]

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The Architects Advisory Service NSW

The Architects Advisory Service of NSW* is a voluntary association whose objective is to promote the value of architects services throughout NSW. It is dedicated to the advancement of the professional capabilities of its membership.

Membership is exclusively limited to architects whose names appear in the register of architects maintained by the NSW Architects Registration Board.

Key activities of members include:

  • Business development for architect practices.
  • Promotional activities that engage architects in contracts with clients.
  • Professional mentoring network for candidates of registration with the Board.
  • Peer review, technical support, education and training for practicing architects.
  • Fellowship and social activities for members and their guests.
  • Liaising with other professional bodies in areas of mutual interest.

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