The Architects Association NSW was incorporated in September 2016 with the founding members consisting of over 30 registered architects volunteering their time.

Architect Members

Membership of the Architects Association NSW (Incorporated) is restricted to architects whose names appear on the registry of architects maintained by the NSW Architects Registration board.

The founding members of the Association are principal architects who have enjoyed years of professional experience and are attracted by the idea of giving something back. The Association is a not-for-profit entity that provides an Architects Advisory Service across NSW. Through the association’s objects, members enjoy access to peer review, the return of the “long lunch” meeting, and benefits from the “economy of scale” provided by co-operation between architects. It offers support in various aspects of professional practice, as well as the sharing of ideas and strengths; and provides mutual support to identify and strengthen weaknesses.

Our goal is to make Architects Association NSW “the go to” source of architects, where the NSW public can find the right architect for their project, and where the profession can source mentees as staff members, equipped with experience and support for a mutually profitable enterprise.

Associate Members

An Associate is essentially a Level 2 class of member affiliated by way of a specific business relationship with the Association. Associate means: a candidate for registration as an Architect with the NSW Architect’s Registration Board whose “Application for an Associate” has been confirmed by the President of the Architects Association NSW and who has paid the fees established by the Committee for participation in the Mentor Program.


Candidates for registration as an architect in NSW are invited to register their interest in becoming an Associate to participate in the Association’s mentoring program. Associates should have completed their formal tertiary education and are seeking experience or guidance to satisfy the Board requirements for Registration. It is understood that some participants may have already enjoyed many years of experience, whereas others may have had no relevant employment opportunities. Our objects are to promote opportunities that assist you toward accreditation and into the profitable practice of our profession.

Applying for membership

Click the register button on our Adding Value Forum, fill in your credentials, and you will be duly contacted with further instructions.

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